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In addition to our traditional architectural services, Midcoast Home Designs also offers design/build arrangements through our relationships with local build trade professionals. Our design/build services, however, are very different from the traditional design/build structure.

Why? Because we have a relationship with the builder, we can manage your project as more or less equal, but independent partners.

It is definitely not a contractor/subcontractor situation, as is the case with traditional design/build, where the architect or designer is an employee of the builder. When an architect works for a builder, they are prevented from protecting your best interests or using the most creative means to solve your design problems. In traditional design/build, the architect has a natural investment in pleasing the builder, (to minimize the effort for the builder and maximize their profits). As a client, you do not want that to be the case. Your architect should work for you as your independent advocate, not the builder, allowing their creativity and experience to solve your design problem.

With Midcoast Home Designs Design/Build, you have the best of both worlds. You will be informed with frequent, detailed communication about cost and all design issues. Your feedback is important to us at every stage of the project. To your advantage, the builder/contractor is involved with the design process every step of the way, so cost and feasibility are considered on an ongoing basis. With the team relationship between Midcoast Home Designs and the builder, plans can easily be adapted when changes occur.

Is there a downside to design/build? Yes and no.

Midcoast Home Designs will have at least 3 building contractors who we have used and have high regard for, bid the job. We wouldn’t just choose a trades-contractor who we know may not have work; they are in a sense, representing Midcoast Home Designs and Teresa Simpson- and we will not let our 20+ year design reputation falter for a contractors misfortune.

Also we will not choose a contractor to bid who does not spend quality time on the job, leaving it up to only sub’s to finish. Some clients feel overwhelmed by doing this process on their own, especially if they are not from the area or have never built before. At Midcoast Home Designs, we know from experience that it is better for you to go with the best builder, one with whom we have a working relationship, references, and past experience-rather than the cheapest builder.

While design/build is not always the best choice, you can save money with design/build. The process is decidedly more efficient since the architect and builder are working together throughout the design and construction process. The architect does not have to produce the level of detailed construction drawings that the competitive bid situation would require. The builder provides cost feedback throughout the design phase, so you stay informed and on track. During the construction process, we are your advocate and representative with the builder, looking out for your interests, budget and preferences.

Last but not least, Midcoast Home Designs only works with quality builders and contractors, therefore, if any differences arise, they are handled amicably and professionally.

Contact us today about your design project— the size, location, and what you hope to accomplish. Returning phone calls within 24 hours is a practice, not an attempt! We look forward to working with you and making your dream home into a reality.

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