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3D Home Designs

1. Understanding traditional 2-D floor plans and elevations can be difficult. Many people can get the general idea from a floor plan but have trouble visualizing how the design is going to look. Being able to see and experience your design in 3-D will help you understand how it is going to work. The more you understand the look and feel of your design, the more comfortable you’ll be at making decisions.
PURINTON 1st Floor
2. Designs can change and evolve in real time, during meetings with your designer. Meetings are the best way to be included in the design process and to make sure nothing is overlooked.
What does a design presentation in 3D look like? It could be a fly-through video or multiple interior & exterior perspective views of your project. I’ve found that the most efficient and productive 3-D design meetings are one-on one with the client. Showing the new project room by room. This usually always brings up design questions, and changes can be made to the model during the meeting for instant results.

PURINTON Interior Perspective

3D Interior Perspectives & Cross Section of a home designed by Teresa with Midcoast Home Designs

PURINTON Exterior Perspective

3D Exterior Perspective of a home designed by Teresa with Midcoast Home Designs

3. Design review boards generally respond positively to presentations that include 3-D. Three-D to show how a building relates to the existing environment or to a neighbor’s home is a very powerful tool when you’re seeking design approval. I’ve had great success by rallying the support of neighbors when they can understand clearly how a building is going to look and feel compared to theirs. 
3D Exterior Perspective of a home designed by Teresa with Midcoast Home Designs

3D Exterior Perspective of a home designed by Teresa with Midcoast Home Designs

4. Three-D design can help cut down on changes after construction has begun. Reducing the amount of changes during construction can help save time and money. But it can be hard to do until you really understand what the space will look and feel like, which is where 3-D design comes in.
5. It helps you avoid paying for work you don’t want. Having a clear understanding of your project before construction begins is the best method to significantly reduce the problem of unnecessary charges.
With all that said, there is definitely no substitute for having an experienced architect who understands the permit process and building codes. While 3-D design can be helpful to you and your architect, know that great designs do not come from computer programs. They come from design professionals (like myself, Teresa here at Midcoast Home Designs) who have spent countless hours designing, reviewing plans, improving details and listening to everything you want in your home.

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